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Welcome to the blog and this collection of original artwork inspired by The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R Tolkien's wider mythology of Middle-earth. Aside from the influence of the source writing of Tolkien influence is also drawn from Director Peter Jackson's film trilogy (2001-2003) and the highly regarded Tolkien illustrators Alan Lee and John Howe. The magnificent musical score written for the film trilogy by Howard Shore also holds a significant influence upon the atmospheric and evocative quality of the works in this collection. From Mordor to the Misty Mountains combines landscape, miniature-scale and composite photography to depict locations, dramatic scenes and characters from the enduringly popular stories.

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A travelling tiny trinket: a study of The One Ring

To grasp the ring

It lives in the darkness of shadow
At the mercy of no-one
Travelling only from hand to hand
Toward its master’s grasp

Out of the shadows

Study 1

Study 2

As attached as everyone is to their wedding ring I called upon mine to stand-in for the powerful One Ring...or should I say I thrust it into service for a series of photographs seeking to portray the very nature of the ring's presence in the mythology.  It captivates; threatens; instills fear, lust and greed for mastery; frightens; corrupts; ensnares the weak-minded; creates obsession; and ever seeks its own return to Mordor.  Visually it's returning revolutionary form also provides much beautiful description and imagery to work from. Rarely has an evil power been so seductively presented.  

Much care was taken in the handling of this precious item in the course of photographing it.

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