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Welcome to the blog and this collection of original artwork inspired by The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R Tolkien's wider mythology of Middle-earth. Aside from the influence of the source writing of Tolkien influence is also drawn from Director Peter Jackson's film trilogy (2001-2003) and the highly regarded Tolkien illustrators Alan Lee and John Howe. The magnificent musical score written for the film trilogy by Howard Shore also holds a significant influence upon the atmospheric and evocative quality of the works in this collection. From Mordor to the Misty Mountains combines landscape, miniature-scale and composite photography to depict locations, dramatic scenes and characters from the enduringly popular stories.

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PLEASE NOTE: This blog showcases Artwork (completed and in progress) and related exhibition news. There is NO option to purchase Art through this site at this time. Please visit from time to time as this may well change soon.

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Ered Luin (The Blue Mountains) - Live gallery drawing 11.10.17

Drawn live at the ART IN THE MILL Gallery in Knaresborough during the final week of the collective exhibition 'Far from the Shire', this mountainous view of The Blue Mountains began with a line and pencil-shaded under-drawing before further development with drawing pen and watercolour pen.

The exhibition has now come to a close officially and a proper report with photographs will follow very soon.


Helm's Deep - let us defend it with hope!

'Is it not said that no foe has ever taken the Hornburg, if men defended it?'
'So the minstrels say', said Eomer
'Then let us defend it with hope!', said Aragorn.

(The Two Towers, JRR Tolkien)

In this drawing, based on Newcastle castle, I've placed atmosphere above accuracy and practicality of an actual functional keep.  A blue shade is really intended here to convey a coldness, a forlorn hope and desperate atmosphere.  This was completed over a two-day live gallery drawing event whilst hosting the opening of the 'Far from the Shire' art exhibition on 30th September and 1st October.  I was joined also by artist Guy Brady whose piece has since been finished and posted on his social media pages.