10 Modern Link Acquisition Tactics That Work

10 Modern Link Acquisition Tactics That Work

Follow these 10 proven link building techniques if you want to bring in the types of links that fuel improved keyword rankings.

Hadoop In 5 Minutes | What Is Hadoop? | Introduction To Hadoop | Hadoop Explained |Simplilearn

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Hadoop is a famous Big Data framework; this video on Hadoop will acquaint you with the term Big Data and help you understand the importance of Hadoop. Here, you will also learn about the three main components of Hadoop, namely, HDFS, MapReduce, and YARN. In the end, we will have a quiz on Hadoop. Hadoop is a framework that manages Big Data storage in a distributed way and processes it parallelly. Now, let’s get started and learn all about Hadoop.

��Professional Certificate Program In Data Engineering: https://www.simplilearn.com/pgp-data-engineering-certification-training-course?utm_campaign=BigData-aReuLtY0YMI &utm_medium=Description &utm_source=youtube

Don’t forget to take the quiz at 05:11!

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This Data Engineering course is ideal for professionals, covering critical topics like the Hadoop framework, Data Processing using Spark, Data Pipelines with Kafka, Big Data on AWS, and Azure cloud infrastructures. This program is delivered via live sessions, industry projects, masterclasses, IBM hackathons, and Ask Me Anything sessions.

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– Professional Certificate Program Certificate and Alumni Association membership
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✅ Skills Covered
– Real Time Data Processing
– Data Pipelining
– Big Data Analytics
– Data Visualization
– Provisioning data storage services
– Apache Hadoop
– Ingesting Streaming and Batch Data
– Transforming Data
– Implementing Security Requirements
– Data Protection
– Encryption Techniques
– Data Governance and Compliance Controls

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What Strategy Is Best: More Links Or More Content

Mike Huber of Vertical Measures discusses, “What Strategy Is Best: More Links Or More Content?”
Original Post: http://www.verticalmeasures.com/link-building/what-strategy-is-best-more-links-or-more-content

Website: http://www.verticalmeasures.com
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/verticalmeasure

10 Link Building Tactics for Ecommerce Brands

Hello everyone, and welcome to our channel! Today’s video will discuss 10 effective link-building tactics for e-commerce brands. As you know, link building is a critical aspect of SEO that can help improve your website’s visibility and drive more traffic. However, e-commerce brands often face challenges when earning links to their category, brand, and product pages. So, let’s dive into these 10 tactics that will help you overcome these challenges and earn more high-quality links.

Tactic #1: Unlinked Brand Mentions
The first tactic is to identify existing articles or web pages that mention your brand name or the brands you sell but don’t link to your site. Reach out to the site owner and request a link. This is a great way to turn unlinked brand mentions into valuable backlinks.

Tactic #2: Reverse Product Image Link Building
The second tactic is to use a reverse image search engine to find websites that have used your original images without proper attribution or a link. Contact the site owner and request a link. This tactic is effective because it helps you earn links to your product pages, which can be challenging for e-commerce brands.

Tactic #3: Resource Page Link Building
The third tactic is identifying or creating high-quality, valuable, and informative content on your website that would fit resource pages well. You can find relevant resource pages in your niche or industry that might be interested in linking to your content. This tactic is great for earning links to your category pages and improving your website’s overall authority.

Tactic #4: Internal Linking
The fourth tactic is to use internal linking to direct link equity to your category, brand, and product pages from your informational content. This tactic is often overlooked, but it’s essential for e-commerce brands that want to improve their website’s structure and authority.

Tactic #5: Homepage Links or Profile Image Links
The fifth tactic is to get homepage links or profile image links through guest posting, podcast guest appearances, PR, and webinars. This tactic is great for building brand awareness and earning valuable links to your homepage.

Tactic #6: Building Relationships with Publishers
The sixth tactic is to build and maintain a list of relationships with publishers to increase response rates and save time. Building relationships with publishers can help you earn links more easily and consistently over time.

Tactic #7: Broken Link Building
The seventh tactic is to find broken links on other websites and offers to replace them with links to your content. This tactic is effective because it helps you earn links to your content while providing value to the site owner by helping them fix broken links.

Tactic #8: Skyscraper Technique
The eighth tactic is to use the skyscraper technique to create high-quality, informative content that is better than your competitor’s. Reach out to sites linking to your competitors and offer them your content as a better alternative. This tactic effectively earns links to your content and improves your website’s authority.

Tactic #9: Influencer Outreach
The ninth tactic is to reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to share your content or link to your website. This tactic is great for building relationships with influencers and earning valuable links to your content.

Tactic #10: Testimonial Link Building
The tenth tactic is to offer testimonials to websites and businesses you have used or have previously worked with. This tactic is effective because it helps you earn links to your website while also providing value to the website or business for you’re providing the testimonial.

And there you have it, 10 effective link-building tactics for e-commerce brands. Remember, link building takes time and effort, but it’s worth it.

Write an Incredible Resume: 5 Golden Rules!

How to Write an Amazing Cover Letter ���� https://youtu.be/NUhDP30IRKk
Get my Consulting Resume template: https://www.jeffsu.org/consulting-resume/

�� Most resume advice from the internet is subjective since there is no “one-size-fits-all.” But using Austin Belcak’s analysis of 125,484 resumes, I share 5 Golden Rules on how to Write an Incredible Resume in 2021.

Whether you’re making a resume for your first job, or improving upon a good resume you already have been using for years, it’s very important to get the basics principles right before moving on to fancier resume writing tips.

�� So how do write a resume or make a strong CV? Make sure your LinkedIn profile is added to your resume, match relevant keywords by using a Word Cloud on the job description, include measurable results to differentiate yourself from others, keep your resume between 475-600 words in length, and avoid buzzwords at all costs! Who knew writing a good resume would be so simple? ��

All jokes aside, this video contains practical resume writing tips following each one of Austin’s findings, and I walk you through each of the 5 Golden Rules so you know the do’s and dont’s about writing a resume ��

00:00 Intro
00:57 Quick Disclaimer
01:06 The 5 Key Learnings
01:59 Add LinkedIn Profile
03:21 Include the “Right” Keywords
04:41 Add Measurable Results
06:02 The Right Length
07:05 Buzzwords and Clichés
07:55 Quick Summary

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My LinkedIn Tips & Tricks Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcfGWi8Qywk &list=PLo-kPya_Ww2zqOZVXMNQCJeTNAaan8GcW
Austin’s Study – https://cultivatedculture.com/resume-statistics/
Free Word Cloud Generator: https://monkeylearn.com/word-cloud/
Udemy Report – https://business.udemy.com/resources/5-workplace-learning-trends-2020/
CNBC Summary of Soft Skills – https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/21/10-top-soft-skills-to-master-for-2020-if-you-want-a-raise-promotion-or-new-job.html

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