Digital PR: How to Define What ‘Good’ Looks Like & Drive Measurable Gains

Digital PR: How to Define What 'Good' Looks Like & Drive Measurable Gains

We need to redefine how failure in digital PR is viewed. Here's how setting expectations and defining your campaign goals can help.

Marketing Live 2018: Deliver Growth – Predict What People Want to Drive Results

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Intent is the most powerful fuel for brands to drive results. But, throughout today’s consumer journey when there are more real-time signals than ever before, how do marketers keep up? Consumers expect brands to anticipate what they need and assist them in getting things done, and brands leading the way are building an engine for growth— with the right data and machine learning to make it happen.

What is Digital Advertising? [With Real Results Inside]

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Businesses are BLOWING up through digital advertising. But what is digital advertising? Today we’re going over the digital advertising basics so that you can learn digital advertising the right way.


Digital advertising, also known as internet advertising, is the process of promoting messages on the Internet to your customers.

Digital advertising TECHNICALLY consists of all types of online ads.

It is so important because digital advertisements are inexpensive, highly targeted, easy to measure, and scalable.

For example, in the video, I talk about several small businesses that are using digital advertising to grow their business, such as:

– A baking company that sells baking supplies that spent $4,500 in Facebook Advertising and made $131,000 in return.
– A hair extension company that spent $141,000 in Google Advertising and generated 4,000 purchases ($35.45 per purchase)
– A finance company that spent $1,900 in Facebook Advertising and generated 414 leads at an average cost of $4.69 per lead.
– A local gym that spent $1,500.19 in Facebook and Instagram Advertising and generated 93 leads at an average cost of $16.13 per lead
– An apparel business that spent $20,673.00 in Social Media Advertising and made $77,982.56 in return (3.77 ROAS – Return on Ad Spend)
– A wellness group that spent $2,556.88 in Facebook Advertising and generated 118 leads at an average cost of $21.67 per lead
– A skincare company that spent $927.76 and has already made $10,000 in return (10.7 ROAS)

REGARDLESS of your business and target demographic, you can you use digital advertising to grow your business.

You can get started with digital advertising by first building a funnel, creating engaging assets to stand-out (like video/graphics/photography), and launching a campaign with several variations.

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What is Digital PR? (Is it more than just link building?)

What actually is Digital PR? Is it more than just link building? We talk to Risers around the Sheffield office to find out their thoughts on Digital PR and how it differs to traditional PR.

I am a 28-year-old CEO of Rise at Seven – a search-first creative marketing business. From 2 employees to 70 in 19 months the growth of the company has been crazy. Rise at Seven works with huge clients such as GAME, Odeon, MyProtein and many more. Since its onset, Rise at Seven has won countless awards including Best Large SEO Agency at the UK Search Awards and Best Large Global Content Marketing Agency award at the Global Contents Awards.

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Digital PR vs. Traditional PR

This video explores some of the basic differences in Digital PR versus Traditional PR including Press Release distribution, use of the newswire, SEO and Keyword Analytics, Backlines and ROI.

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